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Units and Constants Group Index

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ac-ft-US-survey (acre-foot Group)

acre Group

acre-foot Group

acre-foot-US-survey (acre-foot Group)

acre-US-survey (acre Group)

ac-US-survey (acre Group)

American-pica (pica Group)

American-point (point Group)

assay-ton (ton-mass Group)

assay-ton-long (ton-mass Group)

assay-ton-short (ton-mass Group)

assay-ton-UK (ton-mass Group)

at (atmosphere Group)

AT (ton-mass Group)

AT-lg (ton-mass Group)

atmosphere Group

atmosphere-technical (atmosphere Group)


barrel Group

barrel-cranberry (barrel Group)

barrel-dry (barrel Group)

barrel-fluid (barrel Group)

bbl-cranberry (barrel Group)

bbl-dry (barrel Group)

British-thermal-unit Group

British-thermal-unit-39 (British-thermal-unit Group)

British-thermal-unit-59 (British-thermal-unit Group)

British-thermal-unit-60 (British-thermal-unit Group)

British-thermal-unit-mean (British-thermal-unit Group)

British-thermal-unit-th (British-thermal-unit Group)

bsh-UK (bushel Group)

BThU-39 (British-thermal-unit Group)

BThU-59 (British-thermal-unit Group)

BThU-60 (British-thermal-unit Group)

BThU-mean (British-thermal-unit Group)

BThU-th (British-thermal-unit Group)

Btu-39 (British-thermal-unit Group)

Btu-59 (British-thermal-unit Group)

Btu-60 (British-thermal-unit Group)

Btu-mean (British-thermal-unit Group)

Btu-th (British-thermal-unit Group)

bu-heaped (bushel Group)

bushel Group

bushel-CA (bushel Group)

bushel-heaped (bushel Group)

bushel-UK (bushel Group)

bu-UK (bushel Group)


cable-length Group

cable-length-non-US-UK (cable-length Group)

cable-length-UK (cable-length Group)

cable-length-US-survey (cable-length Group)

cal-15 (calorie Group)

cal-20 (calorie Group)

cal-mean (calorie Group)

calorie Group

calorie-15 (calorie Group)

calorie-20 (calorie Group)

calorie-mean (calorie Group)

Calorie-mean (kilocalorie Group)

calorie-th (calorie Group)

Calorie-th (kilocalorie Group)

cal-th (calorie Group)

Celsius-heat-unit Group

Celsius-heat-unit-mean (Celsius-heat-unit Group)

Celsius-heat-unit-th (Celsius-heat-unit Group)

centigrade-heat-unit-mean (Celsius-heat-unit Group)

centigrade-heat-unit-th (Celsius-heat-unit Group)

chain Group

chain-engineer (chain Group)

chain-gunter (chain Group)

chain-ramsden (chain Group)

chain-surveyor (chain Group)

chain-US-survey (chain Group)

ch-eng (chain Group)

cheval-vapeur (horsepower Group)

Chu-mean (Celsius-heat-unit Group)

ch-US-survey (chain Group)

Chu-th (Celsius-heat-unit Group)

cord Group

cord-foot (cord Group)

cv (horsepower Group)

cwt-lg (hundredweight Group)


drachm-apothecaries (dram-mass Group)

drachm-troy (dram-mass Group)

dram-apothecaries (dram-mass Group)

dram-mass Group

dram-mass-troy (dram-mass Group)

dram-troy (dram-mass Group)

dr-ap (dram-mass Group)

drm-troy (dram-mass Group)

dr-troy (dram-mass Group)

dry-barrel (barrel Group)

dry-gallon (gallon Group)

dry-pint (pint Group)

dry-quart (quart Group)


fathom Group

fathom-US-survey (fathom Group)

fath-US-survey (fathom Group)

firkin Group

firkin-UK (firkin Group)

fir-UK (firkin Group)

fl-bbl (barrel Group)

fl-dr-UK (fluid-dram Group)

fl-oz-UK (fluid-ounce Group)

fluid-barrel (barrel Group)

fluid-drachm (fluid-dram Group)

fluid-dram Group

fluid-dram-CA (fluid-dram Group)

fluid-dram-UK (fluid-dram Group)

fluid-gallon-UK (gallon Group)

fluid-ounce Group

fluid-ounce-CA (fluid-ounce Group)

fluid-ounce-UK (fluid-ounce Group)

fluid-pint-UK (pint Group)

fluid-quart-UK (quart Group)

foot Group

foot-French-measure (foot Group)

foot-of-mercury-conventional (height-of-mercury Group)

foot-of-water (height-of-water Group)

foot-of-water-conventional (height-of-water Group)

foot-Paris (foot Group)

foot-US-survey (foot Group)

ft-French-measure (foot Group)

ftH2O (height-of-water Group)

ftH2O-conventional (height-of-water Group)

ftHg-conventional (height-of-mercury Group)

ft-US-survey (foot Group)

furlong Group

furlong-US-survey (furlong Group)

fur-US-survey (furlong Group)


gal-dry (gallon Group)

gallon Group

gallon-CA (gallon Group)

gallon-dry (gallon Group)

gallon-UK (gallon Group)

gal-UK (gallon Group)

gill Group

gill-CA (gill Group)

gill-UK (gill Group)

gi-UK (gill Group)

gram-calorie-15 (calorie Group)

gram-calorie-20 (calorie Group)

gram-calorie-mean (calorie Group)

gram-calorie-th (calorie Group)

grand-calorie-mean (kilocalorie Group)

grand-calorie-th (kilocalorie Group)

gross-hundredweight (hundredweight Group)

gross-ton (ton-mass Group)

gross-ton (ton-force Group)


half-peck (gallon Group)

hdd (hogshead Group)

heaped-bushel (bushel Group)

height-of-mercury Group

height-of-water Group

hogshead Group

hogshead-UK (hogshead Group)

horsepower Group

horsepower-boiler (horsepower Group)

horsepower-electric (horsepower Group)

horsepower-metric (horsepower Group)

horsepower-water (horsepower Group)

HP-boiler (horsepower Group)

HP-electric (horsepower Group)

HP-metric (horsepower Group)

HP-water (horsepower Group)

hundredweight Group

hundredweight-gross (hundredweight Group)

hundredweight-long (hundredweight Group)

hundredweight-UK (hundredweight Group)


imperial-bushel (bushel Group)

imperial-dram (fluid-dram Group)

imperial-firkin (firkin Group)

imperial-gallon (gallon Group)

imperial-gill (gill Group)

imperial-hogshead (hogshead Group)

imperial-ounce (fluid-ounce Group)

imperial-peck (peck Group)

imperial-pint (pint Group)

imperial-quart (quart Group)

inch Group

inch-of-mercury (height-of-mercury Group)

inch-of-mercury-60 (height-of-mercury Group)

inch-of-mercury-conventional (height-of-mercury Group)

inch-of-water (height-of-water Group)

inch-of-water-60 (height-of-water Group)

inch-of-water-conventional (height-of-water Group)

inch-of-water-UK (height-of-water Group)

inch-US-survey (inch Group)

inH2O (height-of-water Group)

inH2O-60 (height-of-water Group)

inH2O-conventional (height-of-water Group)

inHg (height-of-mercury Group)

inHg-60 (height-of-mercury Group)

inHg-conventional (height-of-mercury Group)

in-US-survey (inch Group)


kcal-mean (kilocalorie Group)

kcal-th (kilocalorie Group)

kilocalorie Group

kilocalorie-mean (kilocalorie Group)

kilocalorie-th (kilocalorie Group)

kilogram-calorie-mean (kilocalorie Group)

kilogram-calorie-th (kilocalorie Group)

knot Group

knot-UK (knot Group)

kn-UK (knot Group)

kt-UK (knot Group)


large-calorie-mean (kilocalorie Group)

large-calorie-th (kilocalorie Group)

lb-ap (pound-mass Group)

lbm-troy (pound-mass Group)

lb-troy (pound-mass Group)

league Group

league-US-survey (league Group)

leag-US-survey (league Group)

li-eng (link Group)

link Group

link-engineer (link Group)

link-gunter (link Group)

link-ramsden (link Group)

link-surveyor (link Group)

link-US-survey (link Group)

liquid-barrel (barrel Group)

liquid-gallon-UK (gallon Group)

liquid-ounce-UK (fluid-ounce Group)

liquid-pint-UK (pint Group)

liquid-quart-UK (quart Group)

li-US-survey (link Group)

lk-eng (link Group)

lk-US-survey (link Group)

long-hundredweight (hundredweight Group)

long-quarter (quarter Group)

long-ton (ton-mass Group)

long-ton (ton-force Group)


major-calorie-mean (kilocalorie Group)

major-calorie-th (kilocalorie Group)

meter-of-mercury (height-of-mercury Group)

meter-of-mercury-conventional (height-of-mercury Group)

meter-of-water (height-of-water Group)

meter-of-water-conventional (height-of-water Group)

metric-slug (slug Group)

metric-ton (ton-force Group)

metric-ton (ton-mass Group)

mH2O (height-of-water Group)

mH2O-conventional (height-of-water Group)

mHg (height-of-mercury Group)

mHg-conventional (height-of-mercury Group)

mile Group

mile-US-survey (mile Group)

minim Group

minim-UK (minim Group)

mi-US-survey (mile Group)


nautical-league-UK (league Group)

nautical-mile (mile Group)

nautical-mile-per-hour-UK (knot Group)

nautical-mile-UK (mile Group)

naut-leag-UK (league Group)

naut-mi (mile Group)

naut-mi-UK (mile Group)

nleag-UK (league Group)

nmi (mile Group)

nmi-UK (mile Group)

nmph-UK (knot Group)


ounce-apothecaries (ounce-mass Group)

ounce-mass Group

ounce-mass-troy (ounce-mass Group)

ounce-troy (ounce-mass Group)

oz-ap (ounce-mass Group)

ozm-troy (ounce-mass Group)

oz-troy (ounce-mass Group)


Paris-foot (foot Group)

peck Group

peck-CA (peck Group)

peck-UK (peck Group)

perm Group

perm-0 (perm Group)

perm-23 (perm Group)

perm-inch Group

perm-inch-0 (perm-inch Group)

perm-inch-23 (perm-inch Group)

petit-calorie-15 (calorie Group)

petit-calorie-20 (calorie Group)

petit-calorie-mean (calorie Group)

petit-calorie-th (calorie Group)

pica (pica Group)

pica Group

pica-computing (pica Group)

pica-printing (pica Group)

pica-tex (pica Group)

pied (foot Group)

pint Group

pint-CA (pint Group)

pint-dry (pint Group)

pint-UK (pint Group)

pk-UK (peck Group)

point (point Group)

point Group

point-computing (point Group)

point-printing (point Group)

point-tex (point Group)

Postscript-pica (pica Group)

PostScript-point (point Group)

pound-apothecaries (pound-mass Group)

pound-mass Group

pound-mass-troy (pound-mass Group)

pound-troy (pound-mass Group)

pt (point Group)

pt-dry (pint Group)

pt-printing (point Group)

pt-tex (point Group)

pt-UK (pint Group)


qr (quarter Group)

qrm (quarter Group)

qrm-lg (quarter Group)

qrm-sh (quarter Group)

qrm-UK (quarter Group)

qr-UK (quarter Group)

qt-dry (quart Group)

qt-UK (quart Group)

quart Group

quart-CA (quart Group)

quart-dry (quart Group)

quarter (quarter Group)

quarter Group

quarter-long (quarter Group)

quarter-mass (quarter Group)

quarter-mass-long (quarter Group)

quarter-mass-short (quarter Group)

quarter-mass-UK (quarter Group)

quarter-short (quarter Group)

quarter-UK (quarter Group)

quart-UK (quart Group)


rd-US-survey (rod Group)

rod Group

rod-US-survey (rod Group)


short-quarter (quarter Group)

slug Group

small-calorie-15 (calorie Group)

small-calorie-20 (calorie Group)

small-calorie-mean (calorie Group)

small-calorie-th (calorie Group)

statute-league (league Group)

statute-mile (mile Group)

struck-measure-bushel-UK (bushel Group)

survey-acre (acre Group)

survey-acre-foot (acre-foot Group)

survey-cable-length (cable-length Group)

survey-chain (chain Group)

survey-fathom (fathom Group)

survey-foot (foot Group)

survey-furlong (furlong Group)

survey-inch (inch Group)

survey-league (league Group)

survey-link (link Group)

survey-mile (mile Group)

survey-perch (rod Group)

survey-pole (rod Group)

survey-rod (rod Group)

survey-yard (yard Group)


t (ton-mass Group)

t (ton-force Group)

tablespoon Group

tablespoon-metric (tablespoon Group)

tbs-metric (tablespoon Group)

tbsp-metric (tablespoon Group)

tbspn-metric (tablespoon Group)

teaspoon Group

teaspoon-metric (teaspoon Group)

therm Group

therm-EU (therm Group)

therm-UK (therm Group)

ton-assay (ton-mass Group)

tonf-lg (ton-force Group)

tonf-metric (ton-force Group)

ton-force Group

ton-force-gross (ton-force Group)

ton-force-long (ton-force Group)

ton-force-metric (ton-force Group)

ton-force-UK (ton-force Group)

ton-gross (ton-force Group)

ton-gross (ton-mass Group)

ton-long (ton-mass Group)

ton-long (ton-force Group)

ton-long-assay (ton-mass Group)

ton-mass Group

ton-mass-long (ton-mass Group)

ton-mass-metric (ton-mass Group)

ton-metric (ton-force Group)

ton-metric (ton-mass Group)

tonm-lg (ton-mass Group)

tonm-metric (ton-mass Group)

tonne (ton-force Group)

tonne (ton-mass Group)

ton-short-assay (ton-mass Group)

ton-UK (ton-mass Group)

ton-UK (ton-force Group)

ton-UK-assay (ton-mass Group)

tsp-metric (teaspoon Group)

tspn-metric (teaspoon Group)


yard Group

yard-US-survey (yard Group)

yd-US-survey (yard Group)

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